Thursday, October 26, 2006


Stupid cute blond lady!

Stupid cute blond lady! You don't know how freaking lucky you were today as I headed out to work. You should know better than to pull out into traffic completely blind from behind a semi-truck while completely not paying attention and using the cellphone. You're lucky, because your cell phone didn't get shoved down your throat by your red Corvette's airbag. You're lucky there was no collision that would have broken you and your Reese Witherspoon-like looks. You're lucky because I was astutely paying attention with both hands on the wheel and had an open lane to my right. You're lucky weather was nice such that the roads weren't slippery. You're lucky my ol' daily driver Grand Am somehow managed to handle better than other vehicles which claim to be the ultimate driving machine, thus letting me slip by sideways in a way that even suprised myself.

Frankly, I think you should hire someone to drive you. You were lucky today, but if you don't put away that cellphone and take better assesment of your surroundings - it will catch up to you...

Yet another one to add proof to the dumb blond stereotype... *sigh*

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A bit about my new job...

Ok it's not "new" new, since I'm going into my third week already. But anyhow it's kind of a bummer thing. $10 an hour isn't enough to make ends meet with a 30 hour work week. So I'm stuck with the 'rents doing the boomerang thing, and now I'm wondering how the f*** I'm going to cover car insurance, a car payment, and a college loan. Which sucks, because the time I'm putting in doesn't meet expenses. (And I'm not coming close to covering rent or food even!)

Also I'm sure I have enough talent to do something with my Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Arts to use. So in effect I'm sitting on wasted talent because nobody else out there would hire me because of my low experience rating. It really sucks, because I could be doing something much more productive than what I am now and earn at least double what I am now. Do some more hours, perhaps a little bit of overtime, and I might even have a decent chance at not only making ends meet - but move out from under the 'rents.

As it is now, I just sit around for some computer problem to happen. (Which it does rarely.) So most of my time is spent unproductive while on the clock, waiting. I could be making illustrations, clipping images, producing web pages, tweaking code, and all that... But nope. Just wait for an hour to pass to get $10.

On the good side, it's not physically demanding. I'm not getting any sprains or bruises or raging aches from my labor. But I guess it's psychicly demeaning, since I know I should be doing better. Not only that, but the job itself seems disposable. So you can see that it's probably not the best thing for one's mental health. *sigh* Not that I could be considered the most sane person to begin with, but in the big scheme of things I'm doubtful anyone is.

On another plus side, I get to see how the local 'fluffer' rag (and yes not fluff, I mean it gets you ready for news from a 'real' source) of a newspaper is actually put together. It's entertaining sometimes to see what some editor pulls out of his - um... I don't think they read this... And hands off to a reporter or layout person to build upon. It's rather silly, and it probably explains why their biggest market competitor feels a bit of sympathy for its parent company. I'm not sure if that's a sad thing or a funny thing. But it's true...

Also if anyone reads this, and they're willing to risk $20/hr on someone to do some graphic stuff via telecommuting (unless you're in the Chicago/Milwaukee area) - you know where to ask.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Z-trigger thingamabober...

Let's say you were to encase some caked lithium into a molded cylinder of PETE plastic, throw a neutron gun on one end, then build as small and crude a Z-machine that you can around it. Make sure the magnet part has a flux pinch point in the lithium doodad. Then take that ol' goofy idea for the e-bomb and use the its pulse to power a ramping coil for this thingamobober instead of making an EMP... Would it fizzle or sizzle? It's probably a stupid idea anyways, but thats one of the abstractions that come to mind when reading Popular Science, sci-fi, and stuff on the internet while being half bored.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Hahaha! They can stuff it!

Listening to Creative Commons released music on the OpenSource VLC Media Player... Hahahaha! You know who can stuff it. Yey for internets!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Dunno what's going on with the one forum...

Hmmm... Seems there's a technical bug at the one forum discussed earlier in this blog. Dunno what's going on exactly. So I'll give it one more day before I come up with my verdict.

In other news, I found that the website for the place I work at has lots of errors when checked against the W3C validator. I can't do much to fix it myself, but hopefully the info and some pointers relating to the main problems get to the people who can. It looks nice enough aesthetically, but theres some things code-wise (under the hood, so to speak) that are just plain silly. And these are "pros"? Oh well...

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Why does a lot of lame stuff make it to the top?

Something else I wonder is why a lot of seemingly lame and inane stuff (even more vanilla and boring than my puny insignificant blog) make it to the top of the blogger main page. Stuff like Birdmonster or geekersnitzel or whatever that's called... Bleh...

The "pages of note" aren't really all that noteworthy. C'mon! Put something there with more sizzle than fizzle... Sure, they might have a nice layout or whatever, but the stories are pretty boring to say the least. This also goes for the 500 or so ads that scroll by in blog of the day. Do we really need 5 hundred kabillion "local" divorce lawyer postings with what looks like a cut and paste from some random newspaper's classifieds? I think not!

Anyhow, what the heck do I know? *Shrug* Back to the infinite void for now...


Nothing back from them yet...

Sent a short email letter to Town Forums, just to see what's going on since there was no reply... They have one more day before full gimpiness is declared. Hmmm. Let's see what happens shall we?

In other words, there's not much going on. Added some various Google Earth entries to their database for some local and random points of interest. It's things like this that I'd like to share with folks on the local forums, but can't at the moment. Bah!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So is Town Forums being gimpy? Or is it something else?

Town Forums... Are they being gimpy?

Seems I can't log in... Grr... And I swore I have the password... And there's some good info I have to pass on...

So... I go to get the "I forgot my password" emailed. Nothing in my inbox... Hmmm.

I'll give it a day or so to show up. If not, then I'll just have to try starting with a fresh account... I don't give up too easily.

I'm just hoping it's not my account there being dropped without any advanved warning. Because if they do that kind of thing, then they're no better than Kim Jong Il wanking off with his nukes... Actually, I'll pull back that statement - at least Kim gave some advance warning...

I'll follow up as to weather or not it's just something technical, or a lack of integrity. Time will tell...

Other than that... Whatever incident happened in my last blogging seemed to slip by. No word on that yet. Works boring though. A monkey could do my job. Not an ape, but a monkey... *sigh*... But it's money and I'm not killing myself (at least physically) doing it. It's pretty much sitting and wait for something to happen and then typing it into a spreadsheet. Suuuure, the description said you could learn about graphics... But the problem is, it's hard to pick up without doing anything hands on. Contributing anything isn't really possible at the moment, either as it's not allowed (there's a union gig there) or I'm getting in the way a bit (there's deadlines.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Oops! Oh crap!

When starting a new job, make sure to check your USB thumb drive before taking it with you. You never know what might be lurking there. D'oh!

Hopefully nobody noticed, as I closed up the directory with the NSFW stuff showing (thumbnails enabled by default on their system) really quick and disconnected the drive. But yeah, kinda an *Oh shit!* moment. Anyhow, just a warning to others out there.

At least now the drive is cleared of anything potentially troublesome or at least embarrasing. So now I can take it back without worry... Whew...

Also be careful of what any friends/buddies who may pull pranks have access to. Sometimes a prank might risk your ass, especially when starting out. This probably wouldn't have been such an issue a couple decades back (when I was knee-high), but of course now that everything is so dang "P.C." *shrug*

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