Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I'd like to see this happen on the Tour de France

Just once, I'd like to see one of those jackasses who insist on tampering with the race get clocked real good. So, you think you're funny jumping out and causing some cyclist to fall? Well, it wouldn't be so funny to you if he got up, came after you, and then proceded in kicking your ass. However it'd be worth a good laugh for me if I saw such video footage. Not to mention the internet replay value.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Tired of the printer cartridge scam?

If you have the right printer, there are some places that can convert it to a continuous feed system. Much cheaper to just buy the ink than some over inflated cartridge. :)

Here's where I found the info:

And here's where it links to (in case the site goes down or whatever.):

Just something to consider when you spend $34 on that color cartrige when only one color ran out.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Something that makes me go "Hmmmmm..."

The deep impact probe... Is it a practice run?
Weight of intercept vehicle as posted on the NASA webpage (viewed 4, July 2005): 816lbs.
Weight of the Mk-61 nuclear warhead as posted on Dan's History (also viewed 4, July 2005): 695-716lbs.

Notice how the probes weight meshes up with the warheads max. listed weight, but with 100lbs more. Of course a bigger warhead might be calculated if you tally the observation vehicle in the Deep Impact mission. But the Mk-61 seems numerous and would be a likely OTS candidate in a "We gotta do something or we'll be the next dinosaurs" mission.

Makes ya go hmmm... Doesn't it?

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