Sunday, January 13, 2008


Temporal DX Observation Weirdness...

If I could use some kind of temporal technology to make an effective pinhole camera into the distant past for observation, I'd be considerate enough to not use a flash. (Even if it means not being able to see anything.) It's annoying to whoever in the past is being observed. Also, do you really want to see what some historic figure does in their own privacy? Geez, have some kind of common courtesy. I'm sure someone would think it'd be neat to see Jesus, Lincoln, Tesla, Edison, or whoever - but really - there are times when they *should* be left alone. Ok?

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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Blip-Hero 2600

Just had an idea for a game that would be pretty funny. Get two Atari 2600 paddles (the kind that have a common socket) and a Joystick. Then cue them into a 8-bit blip music soundtrack. Follow the blocky pixel art on the screen that cues the upcoming rythm/score. Joystick would have 8 different directions to follow & fire button to a rythm. The two paddles would follow frequency blocks, and modulate playing with their buttons. Keeping pace would play a cool & fun funky composition, and maybe throw in some funky sound effects on an extra track when there are score bonuses.

So essentially it'd be like an 8-bit retro spoof of Guitar Hero or Rockband. But I think it'd be fun to try if someone actually made it. (Don't see why it wouldn't be technically feasable.) Just need to use a common file format for old school blip music.

Friday, January 04, 2008


What I'd be looking for in order to find ETI.

If I had the equipment and programming knowledge, this is what I'd be looking for:
Dunno if any actual SETI researchers are doing this, but it's neat to ponder over.


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