Thursday, February 21, 2008


Where's the satellite kill?

Just wondering? All this talk about it leading up to the event, and the radio mentions that they pulled it off. But not a damn thing on the TV news. It's like they completely forgot or something. Isn't there any cool "fireworks" footage? I feel slightly gypped on this one.

And I thought of two other reasons why that job of blowing up a satellite coming down might be useful. First one is that it proves that particular missile in the inventory is not only capable of killing TBMs, but with that mod - it's ICBM kill capable. (Probably why China and Russia had their complaints.) I'd suspect the mod will make it's way through the fleet arsenal so more than 3 missiles of that type will be ICBM-capable. The second reason is what would a few tons of hydrazine do to the ozone layer? I agree with most people that the tank would rupture and not make it to the ground, but a highly reactive chemical in the upper atmosphere is probably not the best thing. Just still iffy as to how well it's going to disperse in space.

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