Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Why does my VideoLAN shortcut keep changing?

Dunno, but it gets annoying after a while. Seems that for some random mysterious reason, my shortcut goes from being a plain "videolan.exe" to some "videolan.exe plus in-line commands" that serves to set it to OpenGL mode and then closes it. When I go to my shortcut, I could care a rat's ass about changing it to OpenGL mode. I just simply want the program to open and stay open, dammit! Besides, that's a lot more convienient and useful when I go to watch some .avi or listen to .mp3s or streams.

If I can ever figure out why it does this, I think I'll make another post about it. Until then, I'm just annoyed a bit at this random stupid behavior that doesn't make much sense.

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