Saturday, October 18, 2008


The thing I hate about resume services

Exactly how does one upgrade their job posting when they're using a resume service to get a job because they don't have any money? Hello? Yeah, I hate the lockout and uneven playing field. It's this aspect that makes resume services a little bullshitty because those who need the job the most are put to the back, as those who need it the least (as in they have a job already but are looking anyways) are put at the front. Why shouldn't there be a level playing field?

I think the only one that really does fair-play is But I don't think they always get the most.

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Friday, October 17, 2008


Wanted: The "Whitelist" Pre-paid Cell Phone

Franky if I'm paying for a phone service when I answer, the last thing I want is dead air or some stupid advert call. And apparently the FCC is unwilling to do squat about dead air calls. (I've done one complaint already)...

So, what I'd like is at least one provider stepping up to the plate to institute a technical fix. A phone that only rings on white-listed numbers.

Here's how I propose that it works:

Then on top of the white-list incoming call features, you would have two ways of handling non-whitelisted numbers.

I don't think such a service would be all that hard to implement either. But I do think cell phone users would really like to have something like this. How about it?

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Global Handwashing Day

Apparently today (Oct 15th) is Global Handwashing Day. Nice idea (I agree that washing hands is a good thing) and it means well. But how effective will this be until there's a "Global Fresh Running Water Day" and "Free Soap and Towels Day"? Franky, the problem is there's not point in washing hands if all you have available is poo-water in the first place. Perhaps fixing the poo-water problem will make the hand-washing issue make more sense?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008


GM + Chrysler = Not so good idea?

I heard something on the news lately about the two companies joining. Something about two big companies that are struggling combining resources. The only thing I could picture is the incompatabilites of the two different corporate heirarchys grating against each other and the result is an even less effective and more inefficient morass with a bigger risk involved. If some eggs in two different baskets start smelling a little funny, you don't get a better result by putting all the eggs in one basket with the funny smelling ones. But what do I know, I'm just some Joe Shmoe everyguy... If anything both companies probably need to get leaner and meaner in their own separate ways.

Basically the result of a Chrysler GM merger would be this:
1. There would be no more Chrysler or Dodge. The only real survivor would be Jeep, and that's because GM is likely to dump Hummer from their lineup. The other two brands have too much overlap and identity conflict with other existing GM brands. It would be like getting two more Oldsmobiles while you're trying to better refine the Saturn that replaces it.
2. Lots of layoffs. Engines and such would be consolidated. This might actually be good from the perspective of a bigger company, but would suck for those working in production. Again, you might get a V6 dualcam or hemi from the Chrysler side, but GM already has a better product for other powertrains.
3. What would the funding go to? Something as a PR dealbreaker such as the Volt really needs to be pushed out to the public. GM shot its own foot with the EV1, and the Volt is the only bandage for that PR mess on the near horizon. If it's good and viable, that's even better. But to focus on it and do it right would mean taking on anything outside of other planned projects off the table.
4. Improved brand identity means cutting out excess product. Pontiac SHOULD be sport(y) cars only, not trucks, vans, etc. Cadillac SHOULD be the top of the line in every respect. Buick should be built for comfort and not for speed. Chevy is the regular Joe cars, with a few halo models for tradition's sake. Saturn is where the experiments take place, afterall it's the obvious Oldsmobile sucessor - and Oldsmobile wasn't so great at overlapping the Buick niche. GMC is trucks and vans, no doubt about it. WTF to do with Dodge and Chrysler? Dodge overlaps GMC and Pontiac, and Chrysler is Chevy and Saturn. How do you prevent dilution under the same roof?

What I'd call for is that GM would be smarter to stay the course without eating what may be a moldy giblet. (Sorry Chrysler fans, but I'm looking at overall company health.)

Chrysler needs to pursue venture capital from elsewhere to bolster its own health and preserve brand identity as a separate company. Maybe some up and coming player with no real U.S. recognition would be better with a stake. I'd suggest looking at India or China for good offers. Yes it sounds wierd, but it would be a better fit. And for quality and timliness's sake, they would be smart to keep production in the U.S. and maybe even import from the U.S. for their own market. Incorporating Chrysler development into their own home markets and perhaps being able to push an entry model developed in their country into a Neon sucessor wouldn't be bad either. If they're iffy, perhaps they should watch how Tata handles the Jaguar brand and go from there.

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Monday, October 06, 2008


Everytime you masturbate, Target makes a sale.

Ok, that's a bit extreme of a title. But yeah, Target of all places now has taken an icon from a well known internet meme and is now using it as part of their in-store marketing materials. Anyhow, if you're somehow still not aware of the meme, here's a picture for your reference:

But yeah, Target stores have the Domo-Kun character everywhere around. (Maybe I'm late on this, but I don't go shopping all the time.) I think it's funny if not hilarious, because the only thing I can associate it with is that crazy internet meme.

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