Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Fixing the double-click problem

I think I may have finally found a solution for fixing the unwanted double-click problem I've been having with my Logitech LX310 mouse: electrical contact cleaner. Yeah, I opened up my mouse and sprayed just a drizzle of that stuff on the micro-switches for the buttons. In other words, it's really really annoying when your mouse does an extra click when you don't want it to.

And yes, I was careful not to lose any of the screws or the little teflon feet that peel off above two of the screws.

I remember contact cleaner being the $5 wonder fix for a $99 console window controller in my car, so why not for a $30 mouse? So far so good. Maybe I'll do a follow up to see if it holds.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


VideoLan's latest update is nice

I don't claim to see any major differences in how it appears or menus, but sometimes the fixes they do that go unseen improve the software quite a bit. I'm not sure what it is that they changed (buffering, making the code more efficient, etc.) but now I can actually use Firefox while playing music on VideoLan with a lot less hiccups or stuttering. That was one minor annoyance that seems to be fixed, but that one thing makes the software a lot more polished as a media player that's compatible with multi-tasking.

So now I can tap into shoutcasts or my music library while browsing. Small thing in the scheme of things, but much appreciated.

Thumbs up, VLC team!

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