Sunday, June 26, 2005


Lime Coke is a no go... And a pic of something

I'm sorry, but Lime coke just doesn't work for me. Cherry was great, and vanilla works suprisingly well - but lime? Bleh... (Must be an acquired taste. Although lime & citrus go well together in a soda.) I guess I'll just have to finish up what I bought.

And here's a picture. A model I'm working on in Wings3D. A concept electric car. Don't fret the details, as it still has a ways to go before being finished.

Gas is starting to get expensive, I figure big engines might be swapped for high wattage motors in a couple of years. I'm suprised there's few people (well those in the 3D modeling world) delving into the idea of an electric that doesn't neglect reasonable performance. (GM almost had it, but then shot themselves in the foot. Then they wonder why they have problems making money. Sheesh... I still like their cars though.)

Friday, June 24, 2005


Been painting and stuff...

How come sometimes I just don't feel like writing anything? I don't really know why. But lately at school I've just not been in the mood at all. Which sucks. (It's not good for the grades when two classes require a lot of writing.) But I have put time into my painting class. Well, I guess it's just a matter of being in the zone - and it's not happening. Meh...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Ok... This is a peeve of mine. It seems that literacy is not a requirement for driving in Illinois. It should be. I live across from a park. All along the park side curb is a no parking zone. Thus the side of the street closest to the park is a traffic lane. There are signs indicating this about every 50 feet or so. Yet there are dumbasses who insist on parking on the wrong side of the street. Even when the side where one can park legally is completely clear, these morons insist on parking on the wrong side. Why? Also when the legal parking is full, the illegally parked cars bottleneck the street and obstruct visibility of any pedestrians in the park. Personally I hope that nobody gets hurt by these [expletive] jackholes who insist on parking there. Also I'd like to see a crash (as long as it involves nobody I know) and have it totally plow in such a way that it sideswipes the jerk nuts who can't read the freakin' sign. And if such a crash happens, I'd like for the onus of responsibility to be on the owner(s) of the illegally parked car(s) for causing it.

Anyhow I just had to vent...

Monday, June 13, 2005


Yey! I'm starting a blog.

Yep... Following everyone else in some way (with a blog of course). I figure it's harmless enough. It's not like I haven't done this before, but using a dedicated blogging place lets me get lazy with the html stuff. But on some occasions I do like doing html stuff, just not all the time (unless someone offers good money or something.) Then I'll have to start practicing a bit again go get good at it.

Anyhow my main thing is creating graphics and artwork. I've also got a ways to go before I can make a buck or two at it as well. Still a few more quarters of school to go before I get my bacchelors in graphic arts. Hopefully I can get into the 3D modeling scene and doing characters for commercials (kinda hokey), movies (this would be cool), or perhaps video games (also neat). Or perhaps I could use the 3D methods of visualization for product design... I already offer free 3D models I have created with the idea that maybe someday somebody might like it enough to offer a job. (Unlikely, but it couldn't hurt.) Only thing is that the arts program at my school is more into dealing with 2D illustration and design for print. (Yes there is a program that seems more to my liking, but it's not currently offered at the nearest campus.) So the overall program isn't quite my thing, but it still builds up a useful skill set.

Then outside of arts I just ramble on with what I think. Usually common sense type stuff and other times things which are out of the ordinary. I like science and technology, so sometimes I come up with far fetched ideas based upon my observations of what has been accomplished by real scientists. I'm just not good or persistant enough at it to write sci-fi.

Then there's my personal life... Or more likely "What personal life?" Heh... Unless you can get me going into a discussion about crazy ponderings or a diatribe about what is wrong with the world, I'm probably quite boring. Sure I do art, but it's probably not the most entertaining thing to watch. Then I also ride my bike for entertainment. I don't really go anywhere, I just ride. And I'm still single too. I'm kinda the anti-party animal 'cuz I don't smoke, drink, or like crowded places. So how the hell will I find the right woman? Not that there's any I'm which not interested in, because there are some which do grab my attention. I just lack the money/looks/charisma or whatever it takes to get their attention. And no- I'm not going to cut my ear off and send it to 'em. Maybe if I got wasted on absinth or something, but I don't drink to begin with - thus it's highly unlikely. So I'm doomed to perpetual bacchelorhood, where I can do pretty much whatever the hell I want... Ummm... Maybe that's not so bad after all.

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