Sunday, June 26, 2005


Lime Coke is a no go... And a pic of something

I'm sorry, but Lime coke just doesn't work for me. Cherry was great, and vanilla works suprisingly well - but lime? Bleh... (Must be an acquired taste. Although lime & citrus go well together in a soda.) I guess I'll just have to finish up what I bought.

And here's a picture. A model I'm working on in Wings3D. A concept electric car. Don't fret the details, as it still has a ways to go before being finished.

Gas is starting to get expensive, I figure big engines might be swapped for high wattage motors in a couple of years. I'm suprised there's few people (well those in the 3D modeling world) delving into the idea of an electric that doesn't neglect reasonable performance. (GM almost had it, but then shot themselves in the foot. Then they wonder why they have problems making money. Sheesh... I still like their cars though.)

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