Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Ancient chinese knew of the dipole shift?

Just something to ponder how people somehow knew about this without really knowing about it...

Here's a picture of the microwave background dipole shift: [click this link]
And here's a picture of a well known ancient chinese symbol representing balance and unity: [click this link]

So how did they know? Just something to make ya wonder.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas...

... in a giant nuclear furnace.
Where hydrogen is built into helium
at temperatures of millions of degrees...

Ahh... Great little song by They Might Be Giants.

I'm making a simple flash-based video of it. It might be good enough to try sending to New Grounds... Maybe...

Anyhow there's not much else going on other than school stuff, and I doubt anyone perusing the web cares to know about my ordeals with things such as business writing. Meh.

Monday, October 17, 2005


It's still there!

One of my first websites that is. Just took a quick look and it's still up. Seems funny that they host the ol' relic, but it must still draw in traffic after all these years. And who knows how long ago it was since I last updated it. Meh...

Feel free to take a look for yourself:

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Anybody got an orbital photon modulator?

Just wondering if somebody has an orbital photon modulator, some devices for containing proton ions, a whole lot of wire, and some transistor switched capacitor banks...

If I could get my hands on those, I have an idea for electromagnetically inducing a large differential stress across a coherent matter soliton packet. :D

It might make for some interesting fun. Anyone willing to go along with the idea?

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Look at the kitty!

Alright maybe I'm crazy... But I thought this picture of my cat was cool.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


The problem with a torquey motor is... the time you get it loud, the car is usually exceeding the legal speed limit. Anyhow, sometimes it's tempting to humor these locos driving buzz bombs by letting the ol' bulletproof 3.4L Chevy aluminum block 60° V-6 in my Pontiac Grand Am GT breathe a bit. Of course I could just put the gear selector in L1 and leave it there to make some noise, but that's kinda dumb and hard on the transmission. Well I guess breaking the tires loose and burning 'em is dumb too, but it's plenty fun.

Go figure... Most people underestimate the Grand Am... It already has a good amount of power to start with, only problem is a bit too much fat. It's ironic that people would rather add things to a cheap light car to make it faster, when it's probably even cheaper yet to take things off a moderately priced "overweight" car and make it even quicker.

Now if I figure out a way to make some decent money, there's the boost option. I swore I heard somewhere that a mild bit (6 psi) would give almost 100HP extra. That's adding more than half an engine to the 175 it's got already. Only problem with that is having to run premium all the time... Gas prices are high enough as it is on regular... That's what I get for thinking of these things...

And some other random bit I thought was funny... Something I saw on Monster Garage (VW Beetle dragster episode) that I'll have to remember when I see a bright yellow car. As quoted by Jesse James - "I hate yellow. Yellow just means that you're chicken."

Thursday, October 06, 2005



It just seems odd that theres all this hubbub in recent news concerning bird flu. What's the big deal with bird flu? Didn't we get over this SARS thing already before...

Then I read this AP article by Mike Stobbe in the local paper. WTF?!?
So there's all this worry about something that wasn't an issue before, and even the pres talks about some contrived scenario about the military being involved in a quarantine. So now what, are they planning something on purpose? I'm sorry, but if there's people working on genetically recreating shit that hasn't been seen in 100 years, then something seems fishy. I just felt I had to air it out here...

Why not look at it from a slightly paranoid yet skeptical aspect?

Defense industry in a slump? Lets make a war!
Got impoverished folks sitting on prime real estate? Let's not restrict what eminent domain is used for anymore. Screw anyone who doesn't fit the desired tax bracket profile.
Need to make more profits in the oil industry without bothering to spend anything on infrastructure? Tweak the ionosphere with HAARP and see what can be done with that tropical depression... Ditto again for the real estate one...
Now the biomedical/pharmaceutical industry wants in? Sure! Why not? We've bent over everyone else... Let's see what bugs we can hatch and let loose on their behalf...
F' the constitution. Who cares what's good for the people if the corrupt few can pull some strings from behind closed doors...

Sunday, October 02, 2005


How things would be different if I had a tank.

That's the idea for a flash animation I'm making... Basically about the rules of the road, jackass drivers, and how it would be different if I had a tank. (Muahahaha!)

Pass while coming at me in a no-passing zone? CRUNCH!
Decide to stop in the middle of the road and not signal ahead of time, which would allow others to pass? CRUNCH!
Wait to turn from a traffic lane when there's a perfectly good median turn lane? CRUNCH!
Decide to wait until the green arrow runs out before making a left turn at the intersection? CRUNCH!
Don't allow any traffic to merge at all onto a highway, even if you could move into the other lane? CRUNCH!

I'm sure there's some more scenarios I could think of, and if somehow it could be legal...
Except that paying for gas would suck, but then again - it would just be a matter of loading a salvo into the turret...

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