Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The difference between U.S. & Iran

It's funny, but watching the whole Aminijad (sp?) thing, I've come to this realization:
He feels that it's safe enough to come to the U.S. and troll about despite that it's known he has a complete lack of popularity here. Or at least with the majority... And even though the gov't in the U.S. isn't exactly on good terms with his country, he's still comfortable enough with it that it'll provide the degree of diplomatic protections that are typically given foreign leader...

How many people from the U.S. leadership would really feel comfortable enough to go to Iran under the same terms? I'm not counting any... I suspect that really means something...

I guess it's also the difference between a fairly loud voiced but otherwise peacable protest he is getting from the public here. Turn it around the other way and there'd be riots, American flag burning, and hanging effigys paraded down the streets. Not to mention that there might be the risk of some gaffe or snafu potentially making the visitor held accountable and kept as a political prisoner.

I wonder if the rest of the world also sees the situation in the same way?

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