Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If there's another GTA...

I think it would be cool if it had a European setting. Just saying. Miami, L.A., and New York have all been done. Might be neat to see something in Paris or Moscow for a change. Maybe even Berlin? And I don't care if the dialog would require subs at times. I just think that something seedy, yet non-american may have an appeal to it.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Vista Update causing BSOD?

It seems my moms e-Machine computer has been getting BSOD problems lately. And it's really annoying, since the thing has been fairly stable until this point. The only thing I could think of was the Windows Update for Vista that came in on 9/22/2009. After that point, that's where the crashiness started being a problem. I'm doing a rollback as of now, so now I have to figure out how to disable updates if that indeed is the problem.

Dunno what MS is doing, but they need to field test some stuff more often before they release it. It's not good if updates break more things than they fix. (Although that wouldn't be a first, their SP3 update for XP breaks a lot of wireless because of a retarded change to wlanapi.dll. I know I'm calling them out on that one.)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Google has yet another UFO themed thing...

It was on the search today, in case anyone may have missed it. This time, it was crop circles.

Anyhow, time to que the X-Files theme music.

(And if anyone had a database that would be interesting for E.T.s to peruse, Google would be the place to go to. Dunno how they'd get in touch, unless UFO's are making a habit of leeching onto random Wifi networks.)

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Saturday, September 05, 2009


The real unexplained phenomena

Google has a thing on their search specific to today about unexplained phenomena.

The real unexplained phenomena, is why, despite all my attempts at finding work, am I brushed off and ignored? My degree is valid, my software and computer skills are there, and I believe my ethic is alright. (I'm willing to do a fair amount of work for a fair amount of pay.)

Seems fitting for Labor Day... What labor? Really?

So what's the deal? Anyone?

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The Awesomeness of Dreams...

...just simply shows how much my reality sucks. But for some strange reason I had a dream that I woke up from that was really cool, and I actually remembered it. Maybe it was a bit immature in content, but I actually had some fun. I'll give a loose summary though just because it's funny.

It starts out that I'm going to some store, and I'm walking from my car in the parking lot. It's one of those big box sort of stores with a garden center. It was semi-busy that day, so I had to park far out to get there. But then I run into two people that seemed vaguely familiar. Then it hit me, they were some friends from junior high school. Like what the hell, I haven't heard from them forever. One was this chick I really liked (a crush even), and the other was this dude I knew. And then the girl saw me, and said "you remember who I am?" And she said something about being around in high school. But I knew that was a lie, and said "No. Maybe one or two classes. (After which she looked annoyed.) But hell yeah! I think I know you from Benny!" (That's the junior high, btw.) So then I was following her around trying to catch up on what's been going on. But then the dude she was with started running, and the chick revealed that she had a large shark-shaped dagger. (Or was it a bowie knife? Regardless, it was large and ridiculous.)

This is where the dream got really wierd and funny. Because I was trying to keep up and figure out what the hell was going on. While this chick apparantly wants to do something to this other dude with a shark-knife. (lol) But I wasn't in the mood to see any violence (since I considered myself a friend to both), so I was about ready to stop the girl from using the knife. And she still looked hot, so confronting her was - well you know - excuse for physical contact? (giggity) Somehow in my dream, I still couldn't run worth a damn. But then channeled something in order to keep up, and did one of anime-like energy flying deals. It wasn't anything too powerful, since I was only able to keep up and fly to about 20 ft. Which surprised her. And I was laughing and having a good time of it. But then instead of being completely amazed (but still seeming surprised I had that ability), she started doing the funny flying stuff too. So I said "you too?" like I was expecting that. Yet hers wasn't as accomplished as mine. (Or she was hiding the ability. Hard to tell really. Damn I watch too many cartoons.) And we bounced around chasing and engaging in some stupid banter I fail to recall. And yet I still was able to be the klutz, just as I was in the real past. I was trying to show off after landing on an industrial shelving unit in the gardening area. So I used the flying to do a backflip back onto the ground, and only succeeded in landing on the back of my head. But it didn't hurt in the dream, because I was still floaty due to the odd power I channeled. Thus I was laughing about it. And there was some funny comment by some old lady walking by. (Something about having powers, and that's how I use them?) Sucks that I can't remember the details, because that's what was really funny about it.

Then I woke up, because there was some loud noise outside. Which sucked, because I wanted the dream to continue. But in a way it was good (bittersweet?) because I still had a chance to remember some of it. And since I had fun in la-la land, at least I was in a semi-good mood.

So why is it that reality sucks in comparison?

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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Bioengineered fiber worms

I had this crazy thought about a process that would be fun to explore. I was reading an old article on the space elevator concept, and all the difficulty with the material science involved. Making the carbon nanotubes as a composite seems difficult. But biological things don't seem to have too many troubles making nanostructures in mass quantity. So my thought of approaching the material would be to start with silkworms. They're easy enough to grow in captivity, and the process of collecting silk from them is pretty refined and well understood. The next step would be comparing the silk of the silkworm with that of various spider species. Do the full comparison of the tensile strength and see if there are any major differences. If the results are remarkable enough in the spider's favor, then try and transfer the spider silk genes to the silkworm. If you can get worms that produce easily unrolled and higher strength spider-type silk, you've got step one down. And even if you can't get step two - it may still have some remarkable materials applications. Step two would be to figure out if there are any biological processes that can produce carbon nanotubes in a consistent manner. Now imagine if you could put in the genetics to also produce these tubes right in the silk producing glands of the spider-silk silkworms? If the tubes are sizable enough and numerous enough, suddenly you have a grade-A nanomaterial that can be produced in large quantities just by breeding and cultivating silkworms. It would be an even bigger materials science breakthrough. And then one of the bigger hurdles to getting the space elevator would be solved.

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