Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The Nature of Time

Some people see time as a one way phenomenon, and in that regard they're partly right. As percieved by any normal human time can only procede one way. Others see it as a frame by frame basis, like in a flip book or movie reel. Brief moments such as snapshots seem to lend themselves to this perception, but it is still has some problems. You can go with smaller and smaller intervals trying to find that specific moment and never reach the maximum possible resolution...

So how do I see time? I see it as a river. It does have a natural directional flow. But notice a river doesn't present a single path. It's width from bank to bank represents a range of possible outcomes. It is a chaotic system with eddys, rapids, and other variations and ripples that affect what is carried by the current. This is how time behaves as it flows. With our current understanding of the nature of time, we only percieve the surface. We only know that we drift along with the current. We do not know of the underlying torrent that drives the system, nor do we really know how to swim. The common perspective of time is that of an ant trapped on a leaf that doesn't know how to swim nor is aware of its situation.

When time travel is understood, it will be possible to go upstream. To confront the nature of chaotic and variable outcomes caused by eddys and ripples. To see the depths below the surface. I understand that as of now I'm just bobbing along for the ride, but I'd like to learn how to swim.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Isn't it funny that the commies attack the U.S. and...

The U.S. is too freakin' dumb to see it. Well at least the current regime - er administration- and anyone capable of dealing enough political influence to do something about it.

Wha? What's this crazy person saying?

Yeah, the U.S. is under attack. And yeah, we or the gov't and general population are too dumb to realize it.

How is this?

Let's see... A bit of a history lesson. Anyone remember Bay of Pigs? Communists (from Russia/U.S.S.R. then) putting nuclear weapons in Cuba. Such that they had the ability to strike early from our south. We saw it then and we stopped it. So, this is before your time? Yeah, it's before my time too. But dang, I at least gathered something of it from the History Channel and books and magazine articles, etc.

So now it's being replayed again, but differently. Again the commies are using their influence to attack the U.S. But they're really clever this time. So where's the nukes? That's where the ingeniousness of their plan lies. They don't need no freakin' nukes. "Huh?" you say. Yup, they can pull a coup on the good ol' U.S.A. without firing a shot. At least in a conventional sense. So what are their weapons?

Economic. They've adopted our strategy once used for spreading U.S. influence, turned it around and are now using it against us. Or should I say the U.S. (Maybe Europe too...) The weapons in this case are market manipulation and population bombs...

Strategy no.1: Drive down wages in various global markets. This leads to economic instability, reducing the stability of the middle class. At the same time this is like a tar baby for the rich folk. They like cheap labor and will be sucked in by their own greed into going along with such market manipulation. But the kicker is when the economy of the target nation becomes a full fledged polarized rich & poor environment. This leads to political unrest and unstability. Thus a country becomes weak to act and potentially at risk for civil war. What better way to knock out a super power than to reverse engineer its capitalistic ideas.

Strategy no.2: Drop population bombs on your target. This sounds odd, but it is indeed a workable strategy, and it accelerates and enhances the effectiveness of strategy number 1. Rather than try attacking your opponent directly with no.1, you hit their neigbors first. Weaker and smaller countries are less likely to suspect much and probably don't have much law-wise to defend against obvious market manipulation practices. Then at the same time, you put funding into and influencing institutions that have strong cultrual ties so you can manipulate society at large. What do you tell these folks? Breed! Breed like horny little gerbils and lust rabid rabbits! If you're reading this, you're probably wondering WTF? What is this sh** this smartass is talking about? But this is a key part of an economic weapon deployment. What better way to unstabilize a population then by having an active role in making it outgrow available resources?
Now you have too many people for the given resources making them much more succeptable to econopolitical manipulation in an artificially generated rich/poor dichotomy. This population can now be used as a weapon to destabilize your enemy. Rather than trigger a full revolution in your "population bomb factory" you try to keep it status quo as long as possible. Once the desparation hits a certain level, you set target your "population bomb" on their richer neighbor (your real target) such that you can destabilize them with numbers. You upset their labor market, drive down the standard of living, and execute the econopolitcal attack you couldn't do directly because due to legal defenses. Thus strategy no.2, "population bombing" is like the H-bomb of economic warfare.

It's not Russia this time (at least from what I can tell, they're not quite organized for it.) It's our "friends" of the far east. That's right, you know who you are China. Getting control of South American factories and the Panama Canal and ports and other trade operations capable of strong influence. I see your game...

Ironic how the current regime to cycle through the longest ongoing civilization in human history will take out the west. But don't be too confused if you didn't see it coming. I did. Gotta give 'em credit. They're smart and sneaky like that. (When they buy out Coca-Cola, be afraid... Very afraid...)

It won't be too long before we're cheap labor with crap wages (or slaves even) in some sh**-hole making stuff for their Wall-marts. Don't say you weren't warned.

Now to get back to the usual insanity...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Dang I'm a fatass... heh

It's been what? Four, five, maybe six months since I last rode my bicycle... Sheesh... Phew... I broke quite a sweat without going that far. That's what I get for being lazy through winter. Well, I've better go and make up for lost time. Heh...


(Keels over... x_X )

Monday, April 03, 2006


I wonder who the bigwig was...

Hmm... Not often you see 'em around here. There was a loud helicopter going by sometime just after 4PM, so of course I had to look. A blue and white SH-60... So it was somebody important. Dunno who, but it looked like they were heading to Milwaukee from Chicago. Maybe there's some meeting or something in the news I missed. Either that or somebody is going to scope out Harleys on the taxpayer dollar. That wouldn't be suprising either. heh.

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