Wednesday, June 17, 2009


June 2009 Windows Update is BAD

I'm not sure what it did during that update to XP, but it's annoying as f***! My machine keeps freezing, thus requiring a hard reset. No BSOD, no error messages, and neither Alt-F4 nor CTRL-Alt-Del work to get out of the freeze. When it freezes, the computer simply fails to respond to any input.

I guess it's time for a system rollback to see if I can get back to normal.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The Lottery Approach to SETI

I think a new approach should be taken with SETI in regards to broadcasting. And I call it the lottery approach. Nobody can win the lottery if nobody buys a ticket, and the way to "buy the ticket" with SETI is to get on the boat with active broadcasting. Now some people are probably saying an incredulous "What?!". But here this out, wouldn't it be neat to talk to anyone who may be out there? Or better yet, wouldn't it be nice to have the chance to know there's something else out there before something kill one of us? (There are still odds against us: exploding stars, space rocks, or our own creations.)

So I think we should help the chances for anything out there finding us, and if they were to adopt this line of thought - they would do the same. So, the chances for "somebody winning the lotto" increases as more and more buy tickets. Thus the "Lottery Approach to SETI". It need broadcasting in addition to monitoring in order to work.

Or we could sit quietly in the darkness of space, timid and afraid while trying to be quiet, and hope to not be eaten by a grue. But I don't see the point in that.


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