Thursday, March 19, 2015


Had a funny dream about trolling cartoonists

Had some stupid funny dream just before I woke up today. Somehow I managed to meet a pair of cartoonists living in some apartment in the building where I was staying. They did some mediocre cartoon where I saw an episode or two. And even got to visit them one day. But for some reason or other, I managed to sneak back to their apartment and get in their bathroom while one of the guys was away. The one guy didn't care so much, under whatever pretense I had made up. And there was some random note stuck on their bathroom mirror. So I managed to write on it and started trolling them about how awful their cartoon was in a writing style mimicing that of one of the characters. And then the other guy came back and got annoyed that I was in the bathroom too long, so I managed to skedaddle out of there. And was laughing while going down the hallway, and then the alarm clock woke me up.

Not sure why I had that dream, but at least it was fun(ny).

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