Sunday, October 02, 2005


How things would be different if I had a tank.

That's the idea for a flash animation I'm making... Basically about the rules of the road, jackass drivers, and how it would be different if I had a tank. (Muahahaha!)

Pass while coming at me in a no-passing zone? CRUNCH!
Decide to stop in the middle of the road and not signal ahead of time, which would allow others to pass? CRUNCH!
Wait to turn from a traffic lane when there's a perfectly good median turn lane? CRUNCH!
Decide to wait until the green arrow runs out before making a left turn at the intersection? CRUNCH!
Don't allow any traffic to merge at all onto a highway, even if you could move into the other lane? CRUNCH!

I'm sure there's some more scenarios I could think of, and if somehow it could be legal...
Except that paying for gas would suck, but then again - it would just be a matter of loading a salvo into the turret...

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