Friday, August 01, 2014


New Buddha has too much yang

Some say many sages arrive in interesting times. And many would say these are interesting times. Different sages follow different paths, and some are such klutzes they just flail about and forgot where the path is. So to be honest the advice of a random internet person doesn't mean much.

However it is rumored there is a new Buddha and that he is unbalanced. Chance has given him a great tool with the supposed power, but the tool controls him such that he is no more than a tool. (The wisdom isn't there yet.) However this unbalance is likely not much more than having an already strong yang and being raised in a culture dominated by the yang energy. It can be fixed to some extent if such is desired.

This new Buddha needs to go where there is a strong yin presence, and balance shall follow. Vietnam seems to be the place for this, but China or Japan if not even the west may be alternatives (but with their particular problems or excessive distractions.) If he arrives there, his teacher will seek him out and SHE will give him her wisdom. She will be somewhat small in stature, but large in spirit. Demanding and not a pushover. Even hard and difficult to deal with on the surface, but for good reasons. The tasks at hand will be unfamiliar and difficult to somebody mostly sheltered, but the new Buddha will learn the proper value of yin and achieve balance if this is given about a year.

Unfortunately no names or anything that specific, and yes I'll admit it sounds like a trope. But some things just are. The person is one that seems unlikely, but can run things like a machine. The people there respect her for this.

Of course I know not how I'd know this if anything. This rambling thought came to me, so I simply felt like relaying it. No more useful than any other fool's errand. A good lama might see some truth in this advice. A great lama might drag their successor by their ear and make sure they get taught the lesson they deserve for the greater good.

Yep, I suck at explaining or even making stuff up. But it's entertaining at least.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


LinuxMultiMediaStudio by Sti2nd: LMMS video tutorials

Got an honorable mention on another blog, which is kind of neat. :)

But other than my tuts, I'm usually mediocre in regards to LMMS. If there's anyone to listen to who uses LMMS, look up this guy on soundcloud: 


Dunno where he came from... Um ok, Finland... Or so he claims. But dang, he's good at putting together the dramatic and epic orchestral film-score type music. And he claims to do it all with LMMS and some soundfonts or VSTis.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


VLC Update worth it

If you're still using VLC 2.0.6, it's worth updating to 2.0.7. Primarily because the icecast detection appears to be fixed in this version. (Still not fast, but eventually it does update.) Dunno what they did in the 2.0.6 release, but I could never get the Icecast radio or most of the other indexed streaming stuff to work.

Only one thing seems to be missing from the streaming indexes, and that's some way to filter and also do stuff like list by bitrate. (Don't really want less than 128kbps, and would like anything over 160.)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


The nicest thing you can wear if you're already beautiful

It's not any clothing, makeup, or article of jewelry. None of those really matter. It sounds cheesy and cliche, but damn - the nicest thing you can wear is a smile. Seeing that is what makes my day better than it would be otherwise.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Tesla, why not FR-S for Tesla Roadster Mk II?

Seems like a good small chassis. It's not Lotus, but it's slick looking, has good balance, not too bad weight, and nice production numbers. Also it might be the chance to come in below $50-K and have a decent sporty car. Not bad for a second shot at the roadster which isn't currently being produced. (AFAIK.)

Monday, April 22, 2013


The message from the stars?

What if we get a signal from the aliens, and the one thing they send back... Of all things... Is...


And they send it because they somehow figured out it's the one thing both our species have in common. I wonder what amount of time scientists would spend trying to decode the meaning of that?

Sunday, April 07, 2013


A Manual for 116.27914701

If anyone cares to know, this manual should be close enough... (Has all the features and most parts are the same. Not the exact same model, but considering how much is identical, honestly it looks like a revision to me.)

Now if only someone could explain why the U.S. Sears website doesn't conveniently provide downloadable manuals for free like the Canadian one does. Greedy bastards.

How did I find this. Sometimes I'm a bit persistent in my online search skills.

Also, please comment if you somehow found this useful or found a more exact free .pdf of this manual on a site that's not malware infested.

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