Tuesday, January 13, 2015


A weird but fun dream

I awakened from a dream this morning that was fun but unusual. Was in this neat rocky desert with some concert going on, and was able to fly around. It was Phish of all things, and the drumset being used was red with "success" written on the bass drum. Also odd was some Mythbuster people in the distant desert messing around. But then there was something about beating the clock in time to wake up, and the dream being erased. So I escaped by flying upwards, but it turned out the sky was a ceiling. So a ceiling panel was broken through and running inside of the roof of some complex. All this time, there were these two people acting as dream police trying to get me. Managed to shove them off, escaping downward. Part of this big building complex was this dark and dreary (film noir style?) world I went back out of. Then found my way into another part of this building complex that was more like a regular office, and then escaped out the front before those two could catch up again. Then I woke up.

Didn't make much sense, but it seemed damn fun at the time. Better than the mundane stuff I do day to day in real life. Dream had more of a sense of adventure to it.

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