Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Ok... This is a peeve of mine. It seems that literacy is not a requirement for driving in Illinois. It should be. I live across from a park. All along the park side curb is a no parking zone. Thus the side of the street closest to the park is a traffic lane. There are signs indicating this about every 50 feet or so. Yet there are dumbasses who insist on parking on the wrong side of the street. Even when the side where one can park legally is completely clear, these morons insist on parking on the wrong side. Why? Also when the legal parking is full, the illegally parked cars bottleneck the street and obstruct visibility of any pedestrians in the park. Personally I hope that nobody gets hurt by these [expletive] jackholes who insist on parking there. Also I'd like to see a crash (as long as it involves nobody I know) and have it totally plow in such a way that it sideswipes the jerk nuts who can't read the freakin' sign. And if such a crash happens, I'd like for the onus of responsibility to be on the owner(s) of the illegally parked car(s) for causing it.

Anyhow I just had to vent...

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