Monday, June 13, 2005


Yey! I'm starting a blog.

Yep... Following everyone else in some way (with a blog of course). I figure it's harmless enough. It's not like I haven't done this before, but using a dedicated blogging place lets me get lazy with the html stuff. But on some occasions I do like doing html stuff, just not all the time (unless someone offers good money or something.) Then I'll have to start practicing a bit again go get good at it.

Anyhow my main thing is creating graphics and artwork. I've also got a ways to go before I can make a buck or two at it as well. Still a few more quarters of school to go before I get my bacchelors in graphic arts. Hopefully I can get into the 3D modeling scene and doing characters for commercials (kinda hokey), movies (this would be cool), or perhaps video games (also neat). Or perhaps I could use the 3D methods of visualization for product design... I already offer free 3D models I have created with the idea that maybe someday somebody might like it enough to offer a job. (Unlikely, but it couldn't hurt.) Only thing is that the arts program at my school is more into dealing with 2D illustration and design for print. (Yes there is a program that seems more to my liking, but it's not currently offered at the nearest campus.) So the overall program isn't quite my thing, but it still builds up a useful skill set.

Then outside of arts I just ramble on with what I think. Usually common sense type stuff and other times things which are out of the ordinary. I like science and technology, so sometimes I come up with far fetched ideas based upon my observations of what has been accomplished by real scientists. I'm just not good or persistant enough at it to write sci-fi.

Then there's my personal life... Or more likely "What personal life?" Heh... Unless you can get me going into a discussion about crazy ponderings or a diatribe about what is wrong with the world, I'm probably quite boring. Sure I do art, but it's probably not the most entertaining thing to watch. Then I also ride my bike for entertainment. I don't really go anywhere, I just ride. And I'm still single too. I'm kinda the anti-party animal 'cuz I don't smoke, drink, or like crowded places. So how the hell will I find the right woman? Not that there's any I'm which not interested in, because there are some which do grab my attention. I just lack the money/looks/charisma or whatever it takes to get their attention. And no- I'm not going to cut my ear off and send it to 'em. Maybe if I got wasted on absinth or something, but I don't drink to begin with - thus it's highly unlikely. So I'm doomed to perpetual bacchelorhood, where I can do pretty much whatever the hell I want... Ummm... Maybe that's not so bad after all.

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