Saturday, January 12, 2008


Blip-Hero 2600

Just had an idea for a game that would be pretty funny. Get two Atari 2600 paddles (the kind that have a common socket) and a Joystick. Then cue them into a 8-bit blip music soundtrack. Follow the blocky pixel art on the screen that cues the upcoming rythm/score. Joystick would have 8 different directions to follow & fire button to a rythm. The two paddles would follow frequency blocks, and modulate playing with their buttons. Keeping pace would play a cool & fun funky composition, and maybe throw in some funky sound effects on an extra track when there are score bonuses.

So essentially it'd be like an 8-bit retro spoof of Guitar Hero or Rockband. But I think it'd be fun to try if someone actually made it. (Don't see why it wouldn't be technically feasable.) Just need to use a common file format for old school blip music.

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