Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A bit about my new job...

Ok it's not "new" new, since I'm going into my third week already. But anyhow it's kind of a bummer thing. $10 an hour isn't enough to make ends meet with a 30 hour work week. So I'm stuck with the 'rents doing the boomerang thing, and now I'm wondering how the f*** I'm going to cover car insurance, a car payment, and a college loan. Which sucks, because the time I'm putting in doesn't meet expenses. (And I'm not coming close to covering rent or food even!)

Also I'm sure I have enough talent to do something with my Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Arts to use. So in effect I'm sitting on wasted talent because nobody else out there would hire me because of my low experience rating. It really sucks, because I could be doing something much more productive than what I am now and earn at least double what I am now. Do some more hours, perhaps a little bit of overtime, and I might even have a decent chance at not only making ends meet - but move out from under the 'rents.

As it is now, I just sit around for some computer problem to happen. (Which it does rarely.) So most of my time is spent unproductive while on the clock, waiting. I could be making illustrations, clipping images, producing web pages, tweaking code, and all that... But nope. Just wait for an hour to pass to get $10.

On the good side, it's not physically demanding. I'm not getting any sprains or bruises or raging aches from my labor. But I guess it's psychicly demeaning, since I know I should be doing better. Not only that, but the job itself seems disposable. So you can see that it's probably not the best thing for one's mental health. *sigh* Not that I could be considered the most sane person to begin with, but in the big scheme of things I'm doubtful anyone is.

On another plus side, I get to see how the local 'fluffer' rag (and yes not fluff, I mean it gets you ready for news from a 'real' source) of a newspaper is actually put together. It's entertaining sometimes to see what some editor pulls out of his - um... I don't think they read this... And hands off to a reporter or layout person to build upon. It's rather silly, and it probably explains why their biggest market competitor feels a bit of sympathy for its parent company. I'm not sure if that's a sad thing or a funny thing. But it's true...

Also if anyone reads this, and they're willing to risk $20/hr on someone to do some graphic stuff via telecommuting (unless you're in the Chicago/Milwaukee area) - you know where to ask.

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