Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Oops! Oh crap!

When starting a new job, make sure to check your USB thumb drive before taking it with you. You never know what might be lurking there. D'oh!

Hopefully nobody noticed, as I closed up the directory with the NSFW stuff showing (thumbnails enabled by default on their system) really quick and disconnected the drive. But yeah, kinda an *Oh shit!* moment. Anyhow, just a warning to others out there.

At least now the drive is cleared of anything potentially troublesome or at least embarrasing. So now I can take it back without worry... Whew...

Also be careful of what any friends/buddies who may pull pranks have access to. Sometimes a prank might risk your ass, especially when starting out. This probably wouldn't have been such an issue a couple decades back (when I was knee-high), but of course now that everything is so dang "P.C." *shrug*

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