Thursday, October 26, 2006


Stupid cute blond lady!

Stupid cute blond lady! You don't know how freaking lucky you were today as I headed out to work. You should know better than to pull out into traffic completely blind from behind a semi-truck while completely not paying attention and using the cellphone. You're lucky, because your cell phone didn't get shoved down your throat by your red Corvette's airbag. You're lucky there was no collision that would have broken you and your Reese Witherspoon-like looks. You're lucky because I was astutely paying attention with both hands on the wheel and had an open lane to my right. You're lucky weather was nice such that the roads weren't slippery. You're lucky my ol' daily driver Grand Am somehow managed to handle better than other vehicles which claim to be the ultimate driving machine, thus letting me slip by sideways in a way that even suprised myself.

Frankly, I think you should hire someone to drive you. You were lucky today, but if you don't put away that cellphone and take better assesment of your surroundings - it will catch up to you...

Yet another one to add proof to the dumb blond stereotype... *sigh*

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