Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So is Town Forums being gimpy? Or is it something else?

Town Forums... Are they being gimpy?

Seems I can't log in... Grr... And I swore I have the password... And there's some good info I have to pass on...

So... I go to get the "I forgot my password" emailed. Nothing in my inbox... Hmmm.

I'll give it a day or so to show up. If not, then I'll just have to try starting with a fresh account... I don't give up too easily.

I'm just hoping it's not my account there being dropped without any advanved warning. Because if they do that kind of thing, then they're no better than Kim Jong Il wanking off with his nukes... Actually, I'll pull back that statement - at least Kim gave some advance warning...

I'll follow up as to weather or not it's just something technical, or a lack of integrity. Time will tell...

Other than that... Whatever incident happened in my last blogging seemed to slip by. No word on that yet. Works boring though. A monkey could do my job. Not an ape, but a monkey... *sigh*... But it's money and I'm not killing myself (at least physically) doing it. It's pretty much sitting and wait for something to happen and then typing it into a spreadsheet. Suuuure, the description said you could learn about graphics... But the problem is, it's hard to pick up without doing anything hands on. Contributing anything isn't really possible at the moment, either as it's not allowed (there's a union gig there) or I'm getting in the way a bit (there's deadlines.)

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