Saturday, March 07, 2009


It's ok so far...

What's the topic about? I guess it's about how I'm doing. (I'm not living from my car or a cardboard box at least. So I can be thankful for that.) I'm trying to see if I got responses from job applications, following up on random old email addresses I have floating around in my contacts lists, and listening to some cool music from (I should make a post reviewing that sometime) on a 2nd-hand iPod Nano using Floola.

Oh yeah, yesterday I even went as far as hand delivering my resume and example graphics to a place I saw posting in a newspaper help wanted ad. (If they respond wanting an interview, I'll know how to get there too.) There are signs that the economy is as overdue to pick up as much as I'm overdue to get a job since graduating college just over two years ago. (We both need the cash flow, right?) So we'll see... At least I'm thinking I might have a shot at it.

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