Friday, November 16, 2007


Eight dimensions...

Bored and pondering something... Some article about eight dimensional space possibly giving a clue to the theory of everything. So what eight dimensional sets could possibly be used to define anything thought of...

Spatial dimensions:
1. up-down (height)
2. in-out (depth)
3. left-right (width)
4. past-future (time)
Reaction dimensions:
5. light-heavy (mass)
6. attractive-repulsive (charge?)
7. inert-energetic (heat, relative velocities, spin, etc.)
8. nonresponsive - responsive (degree of being alive or conscious?)

The thing is that these dimensions can be thought of as nodes. Each node would contain a long array of potential values. Each value could then set drive relationships affecting all values in each node. And of course each node would respond in kind to what information is coming from the other nodes. Some other qualities we think of as unique might be a combination of nodes interacting such as inertia (mass + energy), gravity (mass + charge).

Also note that some dimensions could cancel out due to interactions with other nodes (maybe there's no anti-gravity because of an energetic relationship between mass and charge that zeros it?), and in other cases initially having a dimension of 0 could make just as much sense. (Ideas or memes can occupy time and energy, but no real space.) Likewise an idea that defines something could be made tangible by applying mass towards it. (Someone may think of a car, but there's no car until someone builds it.) But that's some of the craziness that makes up this universe. Who knows?

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