Monday, October 25, 2010


Vote "Rich Whitey" for Gov? Yep!

I'm usually not one to get too concerned about politics, but here it goes.

I'm voting "Rich Whitey" for governor here in Illinois. Why? Because he's up-front and least likely to lie about who he is.

Actually the real reason is that both Democrats and Republicans have abused the office, and now it's time to try something different. (The Greens don't have that huge a following yet in this country, so if they blow it in office - it might be a while for them.) I'm voting for Rich Whitney because his party seems to be the least corrupted so far.

Now for all those people voting Democrat because it seems more likely to keep the Republicans out (or vice versa), (pardon my language but) I'd like to offer a big hearty FUCK YOU!!! You're the part of the reason why it's stuck in a two party system in the U.S. with the same bullshit going on for years. Grow a pair, and instead of voting only to "block" somebody, vote for what may be a real difference!

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