Wednesday, August 19, 2009


H.R. what does it stand for?...

I figure the H.R. abbreviation actually stands for "Hawking Radiator". It must be a black hole and very dense. Lots of information goes in, but nothing comes back once it enters its event horizon. I'd really like to be proven wrong, but as of now that's really one of those wait and see games.

Also my mom is friends with the mom of the "Infamous Scribbler". From reading his blog, on some some issues we may disagree. (I'm not exactly soft on the immigration subject, and I don't think the U.S. should be giving away handouts to foreign nationals until there's good evidence that their home countries give reciprocal treatment to U.S. citizens.) But I'm more amiable than not in general, and politics aren't worth getting too worked up over in most cases. If I ever hear from him I may be doing some pro-bono work to help out.

As for the Infamous Scribbler's current blog post, I actually agree with it. It relates to my original point. And this (economy?) problem is not just an Obama era thing, I've been hitting the brickwall for the last two Bush years. So I'm having a 3 year dry run after college. Which doesn't help when my loan is more than 10x what I have left. (Unless I sell my car. But then how would I get to a job if it ever comes up?) I'll consider the economy improved when I can find decent paying work that actually takes account of my educational background and allows me to take care of my debts and quit mooching.

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