Friday, August 28, 2009


Guess what Kakerot?

I'm suffering from a bout of insomnia and for some reason, I had this little controversial thought come to mind. If a situation ever presented the opportunity to do a full brutal Vegeta style crotch-punch to somebody, who would that person be. (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a YouTube clip for reference.)

So far I could only think of three people. I guess I'm usually not one to have a grudge.

  1. Robert Rug(rest is something Italian, but deleted.) General douche and asshole (pardon the language) that I had as an assigned dorm roommate during my brief 1 year as a student of Bradley University back in '95. This guy apparently was doing a side gig as campus gigalo (different chick every other night), but would also pull some other annoying shit without informing the roommate (me) ahead of time. Things like having people stay over or whatnot so I end up stepping on them when I get up. So they'd all be pissed and I'd be like who the f*** are you, and WTF are you doing on my floor?
  2. Masterchief King, NFAS Orlando, 1997 or so. That's the bastard that sent me to CCU just because I couldn't handle the stress I ended up under without breaking. No real crimes like causing property damage, or getting into stupid fights, or stealing. No, my crime was failing to make a number of assigned study hours because I freaking couldn't wake up when my alarm clock went off. The fact that I couldn't run worth shit (bad knees here) is probably what started it all. Couldn't make a run during one of the physical days, so then got put on morning PT. After that, I was feeling worn out and shitty thereon. So I start forgetting stuff. And that leads to being put on extended study hours. So then I end up working what is essentially 5AM to 11:30PM days. And then I break. And then I get CCU for that. I pretty much lost any respect for any unknown authority right there. (Never dealt with him before or since that.) And the cynism it fostered helped make my decision to not re-enlist.
    *Strangely enough though, the string of events after this allowed me to meet good people. I guess it helps if you can relate to unfair bullshit that's happened beyond your control.
  3. Random people who shouldn't drive. Yeah, this is like the temporary person of the day compared to the other two who I'd gladly "Darwin" in the reproductive sense. But there are those who just fail on some concepts that would make things so much safer or easier for everyone else. Things like going way slow compared to the speed limit, going the same speed regardless (45MPH in a 20MPH or 70MPH zone), or other failures of common sense.

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