Monday, July 20, 2009


Antigravity - What would you do?

If somehow an inexpensive way to get around gravity was discovered and made public knowledge, what would you do? I have a feeling that I'd give it a shot. And if it were seemingly reliable enough, I'd try to figure out how to make a run for it. That's right, as nice as this planet seems to be, if I could gather enough resources to live in space for a while I'd give it a shot. Of course gathering those resources might be a bit more difficult, but if enough like-minded individuals could get together on such a project, not too far-out given the circumstances. Even something crude like an old propane tank with heavy glass portals added and a lot of plastic water containers on it for shielding could work. Besides it'd would just have to only hold one atmosphere, resist micrometeorites, and limit radiation to some degree. If anti-gravity could be produced at a much lower energy requirement than chemical rockets, then getting such a crude rig where you wanted it wouldn't be too big a deal. I guess having working spacesuits to make such a venture worthwhile and having guidance/navigation facilities adequate for space travel would be much bigger problems...

However, if anti-gravity did become readily available and achievable through simple means... I wonder if people really would be content to stay, or would there be quite an exodus despite how suicidal and risky it seems.

Personally, I think being one of the earlier settlers on Mars might be neat.

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