Friday, May 29, 2009


What the hell is up with N.K.?

Listening to the news lately and just wondering what the hell the leadership there is thinking...

Looking at the situation now and evaluating, guess which Korea China has more in common with these days? Yeah... I doubt it's the North. (Look at Shanghai, Hongzhou, Hong Kong in comparison to Seol and Pyongyang. Now which ones have the lights on?)

Which would you rather have as a neighbor? Somebody with a working economic engine that would make a decent trade partner and bring wealth if you broker the right deals? Or a self-destructive country that doesn't effectively use its own resources, starves its own population, has a temperamental leadership, and acts as a parasite by bullying others in the region.

The smart thing for N.K. to do would be to stand down, otherwise it's likely to be on its own this time around.

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