Friday, May 01, 2009


Been getting some wierdass emails lately.

I've been getting some wierdass emails lately. And no, not your typical spammy stuff. More like lunatic fringe wierd or "wtf???" wierd. I'm wondering if I should blog about it with commentary or leave it as nothing happened. If only I had some audience that commented on this blog, I'd weigh one way or another.

But I'll give a roundabout posting giving the gist of them, since I'm not sure if I want to be connected to them or not.

The first one appears addressed to me, but came through a secondary channel (emailed to someone I know) and then they forwarded to me. At first it seems like your typical spammy stuff, except the address doesn't sound all that typical and doesn't resolve to anything. So it appears to be a spoofed email. However there is what appears to be encrypted text on the trailer end of the message and a contact address in Panama of all places. Either it's one hell of a hoax, some kind of malformed virus/worm that didn't work, or something of legitimate strangeness.

The second email seems to be from a guy that's a bit down on his luck, and apparently found my address from some CVN-65 alumni page. (That's the Enterprise to you non-Navy folk.) He's doing a shoutout about looking for a job, but then presents some lunatic fringe stuff about why he got fired. Apparently something about making an implied threat to some people under a corporatist machine, etc. First of all, making threats is stupid, it's just another way of falling into the trap. Besides attacking any heads on a hydra is pointless, and gets you into more trouble and now makes you more likely to be a pawn. (Shall we say pwn'd?) Exposure of absurdity/foolishness/malevolence is better, or at least create non-violent chaos ala "anonymous" if you're really wanting to play "the game." (BTW, the cake is a lie.) I could have all kinds of stuff to say to that guy, there's some understanding of going off the wall (I've had crazy concepts and ideas), but not going off the deep-end. Anyhow I'm unemployed and possibly black-balled too, but without substantial proof of the black-listing there's no point in crying about it. Instead I just make a point to expose random ideas to the public domain and let others do what they may with that. No profit motive or cooersive ideology, but perhaps a belief that information should be free so that it can grow and be used by anybody. (If there's anything I'd want in the future, it's a level playing field, and perhaps a way to get off this rock alive such that all the petty squabbling assholes can be left behind.) Anyhow, I wouldn't put this right up there when asking for help finding a job. (At least not unless I'm asking a close friend, not just any acquaintance or other associate.)

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