Friday, April 10, 2009


Jinxed, blacklist, or something?

Been trying to get through to old friends via email, and no replies. Its almost like how the shit job market has been for the last few years. Makes me wonder WTF is going on. It can't be from some stupid rant on the internet or whatever, could it? A random drawing that I thought was funny or freaky, but perhaps in too poor taste? (Not like I haven't seen worse out there.) Besides I'd suspect I'd get an email or some other message saying something if it's in their opinion that I really f'd up somewhere. I know I'd argue a subject if I saw some recent posting by a pal and I thought it was messed up. Treating somebody like quarantined plague or whatever is not the way to go about it.

At least I tried one friends phone and know the number still works, but the phone was breaking up. Sounded like a lot of busy stuff going on. (Hard to tell with some cell phones though.) Hopefully I'll get a call-back to see if he's just been too busy or if I really f'd up somewhere along the way. I'd like to know.

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