Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Destructive styrofoam rifle?

I was bored and came up with an idea for using NERF-style foam in an air powered equivalent to a standard firearm rifle. And thus call it a compressed air foam sabot (CAFS) rifle. Basically you get the equivalent of a Nerf bullet, cut in half along its length, and put something nasty and metal inside the two halves. Then you load that into a 4ft long rifle with a 100+ PSI pressure tank and triggered by a poppet valve. The foam would do a nice job of maintaining an airtight and snug seal needed to accelerate an air-driven projectile, and would be plenty light to easily separate from the projectile after it clears the barrel. I think the thing could be as dangerous as a regular gun if designed just right, and the materials needed would be really cheap and fairly low-tech. Makes me wonder if anyone has built something like that already. Sounds like a project for some bubba with acres to goof around on and some beer bottles, cinderblocks, old car parts, and watermelons to destroy.

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