Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The Cessna Incursion...

I'm sure enough people have heard of the incursion from Canada into the U.S. via a small Cessna aircraft. (It's been in the news alot.) But what I think is silly is how the news pushed the suicidal aspect, and were playing on the "suicide by cop" but with the Air National Guard playing the role of the cop. The way I look at it, if the guy in the aircraft were truly suicidal it would have been remarkably easy for the Cessna to nose dived into something. Instead, it wasn't really a suicide attempt but rather a probing of the state of current U.S. air defenses in regards to small slow moving aircraft. Otherwise there wouldn't have been the nice 3 point landing on a highway when he was done. He wasn't too much a direct threat (unless you count Madison), since for most of the flight he was out in bumfuk-nowhere farm-country. The real threat is the intel garnered by the incursion into U.S. controlled air space and the knowledge of how far one can go in regards to response time.

But now the tricky part is to figure out who's lackey the guy was. The background on the story sounds too fishy and doesn't make much sense otherwise.

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