Friday, May 09, 2008


Music that was lost in HDD crash...

A good while back, one computer at the house got eaten by malware hitting the boot sector. It wouldn't boot anymore. I thought I got all the important non-.exe files off of it, but no. Can't find the music that was on it. Waaaah! (But at least the computer wasn't all dead, it's still useful after conversion to Ubuntu.)

I don't know how I came by it, but I swear at one point that I had a really cool version of "Possum" by Phish. It wasn't the typical concert set with all the background and crowd sounds. Nope, instead it was recorded in the small studio of some radio station. And it had great sound quality and you could really get into the aucoustic guitar bluegrassy sound. The thing is, I swear that it was in the music or audio section of There was some long-play interview, and then they'd just jump into jamming and playing a song. But now in trying to find that great gem of a track, it doesn't seem to be there anymore and it's driving me nuts!

Also there was a jazzy rendition of "Super Mario Brothers" that was pretty good too, but I'm not sure if that's actually Phish or not. I found something similar, but the sound wasn't as improvised as I remember the other track...

But somehow I did find the parody soundtrack of Hanson's MmmBop done in the style of James Brown. That one's hilarious! But if only I knew where the other unusual Phish tracks went...

I even revealed to their helpdesk that it was a HDD accident and their area professional reveals up per weeks time later to tell me what I already revealed and remaining saying it was not within his opportunity of perform.
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