Friday, April 25, 2008


Nutty idea for fungal remover

Dunno if this would work well or how safe it'd be, doesn't sound like it could hurt though:

1. Get some pennies, and put them in some vinegar.
2. Get some egg yolks strained from the whites. Boil them, then mash them down.
3. Mix this with the vinegar pennies. Should get some green stuff out of that.
4. Now get some bananna peels. (Shouldn't waste the banannas though.) Mash them up really good.
5. Vaseline or something like that (optional)
6. Mix the bananna peel goo with the green stuff.
7. Apply to fungal infections. DO NOT EAT OR TAKE INTERNALLY. At least I don't think that's a good idea.
8. After treating area for a while, wash it off.

Questions: Did it kill the fungus? Was it too stinky/irritating? Any other irritations caused by this?

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