Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The free credit scam continues

Somehow privacymatters got dad's new credit number after getting rid of the old one. I figure it's one or more of these three things:
  1. Tracking cookie on mom's computer: these things store passwords and other data associated with various sites. Maybe the turd burglars have a way of skimming cookies whenever one of their ads is on a page and from the cookies they can gleam for new data.
  2. One of the places she buys from online such as Red Hats or QVC is sharing their data with the bastards running the privacymatters racket.
  3. Our banking co-op is stupid, and someone there is sharing data which they should not. Especially when the party getting the data is the one which is specifically blocked. (But perhaps they need the extensive list of all the associate companys which should be blocked from putting any fraudulent bills on the acct.
It's almost tempting to figure out where the head of the operation is. (Running all the free-credit, anti-phishing, and a slew other fraudulent services scams.) Last I heard the central office was in Tenessee, even though their sub-outfits are spread along the eastern and southern states. I'd like to find and identify the bastard personally, and share his data on whereabouts, what he looks like, etc. I bet there are many many people who would like to get their hands on the fellow if the law still fails to do its job.

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