Monday, November 12, 2007


Jet that sounds like a garbage can...

If anyone can tell me what kind of jet there is that makes a sound very much akin to the noise a heavy plastic garbage bin makes when dragged along a cement driveway, I'd be grateful. (Only difference from the dragging bin is although it seems no louder to the ears, you can feel it a little - some infra-sound thing going on.) It's gotta be one of the newest ones out there, and it'd be neat to find some pics. (Or at least speculate...)

Only other thing about it is that it's fast, and it's way up there. So unless you notice the noise (and don't actually look around to see that no neigbors are dragging out their garbage first) you're not likely to see it. It's fast enough that if you didn't look up to see the forming contrail, you'd think it's one that's already up there from a previously passing airliner. So it's pretty uber, whatever it is. Either it's up where the air is too thin to make much of a sonic boom, or somebody is further ahead in attenuating shockwave noise than they're letting on.

Maybe some aircraft enthusiast ever wanders by, they could elaborate or at least mention some similar experience.

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