Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Escaping gravity...

Out of curiosity, I wonder how many people would take off (even if temporarily) if they had access to cheap and affordable anti-gravity technology? Think about it, with the right pressure vessel (just has to hold one atmosphere differential, some welding skills and a big compressed air tank should do) and anti-grav heading for space would be a lot less harder. Still unless it was an hour jaunt or so (wheee!), there'd be the issue of working out life support, space suits, air locks. But hell, at least you really know that you could get away from all the B.S. if you wanted. Anti-grav technology if it existed, would also mean that c is no longer the speed limit (you'd get over that whole inertia thing.) So if you had the time to work it out, you could also leave the solar system. Find other planets, maybe one with breathable air and edible plants and/or critters. Now that could be fun, afterall it's the basis for a lot of sci-fi.

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