Sunday, July 22, 2007


Broken radio streams...

It used to be that I could pull in a few streaming radio stations using http:, mms:, or udp: using VideoLan client. Apparently this is possible no more, and those streams are broken. (I get an error message that streams aren't available.) I found that some of these stations now use a flash based client. Which to say the least is... ...Meh. Still I suppose it's better than buzzing or lightning static throughout the late night talk program I listen to.

If anyone knows how to figure out what stream those flash based interfaces are tapping into and route it through VLC instead of flash (which causes FireFox to memory leak quite a bit), it'd be greatly appreciated. (Don't tell anyone I tried using Flare to reverse engineer a .swf, but there wasn't much pointing to anything obvious in the ActionScript.) Until then, I might have to resort to something cheesy such as use the flash on another machine, but then stream onto my LAN with VLC so I can use VLC. (Sounds silly, but should be quite possible.)

I also suspect this non-working situation might have something to do with some legal streaming-radio retardedness here in the U.S. (My European streams seem to be ok.) Still, it needs a workaround...

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