Saturday, January 06, 2007


Why would a UFO show at O'hare?

It seems silly that a UFO would show up at O'hare International Airport of all places... Why the hell would aliens arive there? Certainly it can't be only to test rumors that Federal authorities there go particularly soft on aliens. (Even if it does seem to have some merit in regards to the illegal variety.)

So why would a UFO show in Chicago? It also happens that within the same timeframe, there was an astro-biology conference. So the UFO could be part of a simple insertion operation. No blinky lights or such shows, so it's not like they wanted to be seen. Rather, what better place could you drop off a strange individual amongst others and not be noticed? A busy airport of course! Who would notice any quirks in a person, amongst crowds of quirky and strange travelers at an international airport? So if there's an alien (of the non-terrestrial variety) in Chicago, he's probably mingling in a conference looking like a normal human and studying our level of understanding of who or what just might be out there. It's like us seeing what primitive cultures think of our existance, and possibly finding interest in the lore of some cargo-cult. It's entertaining and you learn just how weird other viewpoints can be in light of your own understanding. If that's what alien researchers are doing, then I can't blame 'em.

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