Friday, January 05, 2007


Someone patented my time-machine? I cite prior art and public domain!

Anyhow, some knobber decided to patent my paired lithium proton micro-singularity contained with magnetic isolators and phased/driven with an orbital photon modulator time machine idea. His description is a bit more vague materials wise, but the layout matches. (And I probably ripped off what I could loosely grasp of the Titor device.) But I say that I've had prior art to the idea by around 3 years already. Not to mention I put it out on the web in various places...

Here's the patent... (2006)

And here's a bit at my old ass angelfire site which requires some looking... (Watch out for pop-ups.) It was last updated in 2003. Someone could argue that I changed it. Well guess what? Try finding the site on and see what their results will show. Hah!

I believe I have other posts about it at some random forums as well (probably where it got ripped off from) all under the same name as I use at this blog or anonymously (if I don't have to register). But googling them is near impossible with the search terms I can come up with. Seems I was ahead of the game, as people are actually researching the shit for real now. lol... Weird, but in a cool way.

BTW, if you're wanting to use my idea and not milk it for money - go ahead. I'm making it open source. (Like Santos Dumont did with his Demoiselle to get the airplane industry kick-started beyond the Wrights patent restricted designs.) So if the patent guy gives you any trouble, I'll back you up on your claim of there being prior art. And it's public domain too, if you search enough the details are floating out there on earlier dates outside of the patent and/or request...

Of course if you're really underhanded and the thing works, you can go back 10 years and have the stinking patent. I probably won't find out about it until later research. And it'll be difficult if not impossible to enforce unless someone is crazy enough to try mass producing the things. So it's kind of stupid to fret over.

Oh yeah... I also post by the name Jû§†Ãñõ†hê®Ðüdë over at MSN forums. Some Weird Space postings cover the device with enough detail and predate the patent application by at least a year.
Non-nuclear triggered fusion idea.
Orbital Photon Modulator.
Paired micro-singularities. (Might not be old enough, but there still are other places.)

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