Sunday, December 24, 2006


VLC plugin for FireFox doesn't work

I tried coding a simple html with links using the rtsp:// protocol, but it didn't work for FireFox and VLC. All I want is to simply have a link url with a streaming protocol and have the appropriate stream open in VLC and run in the background. This would be great for having a page with multiple stream links for various web-radio stations. (I could then listen to Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Sydney, Bucharest, London, etc...) Is it that hard to ask for?

It'd be great if it could be fixed. I also tried some about:config tweaks to try and make things happen, but apparently that only works for the Mac folks and some flavors of Linux. No dice in XP. (Or Ubuntu, from what I've heard.) If only I could figure it out, then I would have linked or posted the solution here.

Not to knock VLC or Firefox though, they're great at what they do individually. They just don't work together seamlessly (or as expected) yet. But for now, I can copy and paste such links to the open stream dialog and get it to do what I want to happen. Just some extra (seemingly unnecessary) steps. Ugh. :(

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