Sunday, August 06, 2006


So-called "Wildflowers" of the McClory Trail...

Just some photos from this evening's bicycle ride along the McClory Trail in Zion/Beach Park, IL.
First there's the Entrance to the trail from 33rd Street.

Next, there's the sign that establishes that the trail right of way belongs to the Lake County Department of Transportation. So maybe the jurisdiction doesn't belong to Zion or Beach Park?

Now this picture illustrates the "wildflower" plantings along the McClory Trail as you head south towards Wadsworth Rd. The areas planted are the circles without the grey-tint.

Here's one of the so-called "wildflower" plantings. At first it seemed to start out as an innocuous mix of prarie tallgrasses and other plants, but over time it seemed that a particular variety of plant has come to dominance as other species appeared to be thinned out.

Here's a picture illustrating the sod-mesh from the "wildflower" planting. These crops are not mowed down, and are apparently maintained by Lake County Dept. of Transportation employees. The easements on the sides of the trail are mowed, but not the planting areas. Also it seems perculiar that a particular variety of "wildflower" is being cultivated beyond all the others. This is done on the Lake County taxpayer dollar.

And here's the Wadsworth Road trail bridge. Well, somebody's definitely getting their wad's worth.

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