Monday, August 28, 2006


Blah blah blah... It's raining outside.

The hunt for work continues. No luck so far. Three or four placement agencies, but no replies. You think someone would be able to help find a job. Even if it's not graphic arts, I can type in excess of 45 wpm, so even data entry would be ok as a stopgap standby. But nope, no call back as of yet. What also sucks is when you see a help wanted somewhere and go to fill out, but they direct you to a corporate website. Then you never hear back again. I wonder how many others are among the uncounted unemployed like myself. I have a feeling that with the apparently slow hiring rate, the 5% unemployment here in the states is half actual unemployment when people who don't qualify for unemployment assistance but are still looking are counted. If unemployment were really low, employers would be willing to take more risks. Guess what? They're not, and it sucks when your trying to change careers and don't have any experience yet.

It's actually cooler outside than indoors for a change. So fall might kick in a little earlier than usual this year. If it were nice out, I'd really consider riding my bike. But it's not, and I'm not exactly in the mood to get drenched and/or plastered with mud from the trails... Bleh...

I guess I could go over to warpaint and practice drawing with the tablet again. Either that or screw off playing Total Annihilation or Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat mod. (Fun, even if not productive.) :p

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