Monday, July 17, 2006


Having your digital music without the baggage

Don't you hate it if you want to listen to a CD you purchased and it gimps out on your computer or cripples it with some insidious rootkit spyware DRM crud you didn't ask for. Or perhaps there's something else that sneaks into the registry that keeps it from being able to work with portable players...

You could use a gold plated double male plug cable to feed from a CD player to the audio in on your computer (100% guaranteed to work, at the cost of some sound quality), but I found an easier and better way for the time being.

There happens to be a free software solution. (Yey! Even less than a $10 audio cable from RadioShack!) Two nifty programs that you can download let you have your music without the overhead. How's that for convienience? TweakUI and winLAME. Together they provide the one-two puch that lets you enjoy music the way you want to. TweakUI plays defense and can disable autoplay at the registry level, thus keeping any nasty rootkits or anything from executing and getting on your compy from the music CD. WinLAME then plays offense and rips the audio tracks and then provides options for encoding to more portable digital formats. This means you can have the music for use on your compy and devices without the unwanted garbage that usually goes along.

Ridiculously easy, huh?

Note that this is for your own personal use with music you purchased. Don't go around doing this for sharing purposes.

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