Sunday, May 14, 2006


Troops should provide cameras to help Iraqi relations

Reading the latest news on the mess U.S.A. has created in Iraq, it seems that to help clarify the situation and take proper action - our troops should provide video cameras to communities with complaint issues regarding Iraqi security forces. These cameras should have marked tamper seals so that the tapes can't be switched out or modified. They could be checked regularly, or upon request by the community provided with the camera. The cameras can be regular off-the-shelf models with night recording capability, something that's easily replaced if lost or damaged.

Now why is this? Well it seems that the Iraqi police forces are more screwed up than ever, and possibly Iraqi troops. Providing communities with a means to provide evidence in backing up complaints against abuses will aid in U.S. troops prosecution of criminal activities. It's either this or have the communities take up arms in self defence, which will only exacerbate the conflict and give corrupt Iraqi police an excuse as they go about illegal activities.

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