Friday, May 19, 2006



Anyhow, what better word is there to describe the current state of affairs with the current U.S. government? Complete and utter ineptitude? Oh wait, that's not one word though.

From what I'm seeing, the country is about to cede it's soverignty to foriegn interests just to pacify some "politically correct" muckrakers. WTF?!? Have the branches in charge of the republic fully failed to realize that their current jurisprudence will lead to failure of the nation? If not it's time to give all of them THE BOOT. Afterall, it's our constitutional right isn't it?

What's the point of kicking Saddam when he's down, when it's Vincente and his buddies next door that keep poking Uncle Sam in the arse? Really, it's a waste of resources.

If there's ever a call to revolution which reflects the letter of the constitution... Hmmm... Just might be interested, afterall there's a lot of "legal" things going on that are actually contrary and afoul of the guidelines for written law. I know I could do without these special interests.

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